Repent First

“Regret” is a plain sense of sorrow for offensive or immoral behavior. “Penitence” is a sincere admission of transgression with an implication that the penitent intends to undertake moral improvement. “Contrition” is an absolute relinquishment of self to complete and perfect penitence for misdeeds. “Compunction” is a simple pang of conscience for a contemplated action of questionable morality. To “REPENT” is a deep commitment to turn away from our sin (or that which offends God).
We must REPENT and give control of our life to God. This is God’s Blessing to us, by His Grace, to exercises our gift of “freewill” to choose Him, REPENT, and follow Jesus’ path. Glory to the Lamb of God! In His infinite mercy and inconceivable love, He forgives us and blesses us, even when we do not deserve it.
Today’s evangelists are doing a great disservice to their listeners by preaching a watered down version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their words serve only Satan, as their followers fall away from Grace and God’s Blessings He intended for us. We cannot be seeking, or doing, God’s Will for us as we live for the world. We fool ourselves into believing that we must get by in the world, or give into desires of the flesh, and God does not hold it against us.
We live in ‘secret sin’, or what we consider ‘little sins’, which aren’t hurting anyone. If it offends God, who is Holy without compromise, it hurts us and our relationship with Him. We can’t possibly receive that which He has intended for us. We may feel like everything is fine, and we are getting away with our desires, for now, but, we are heading for disaster. Many live in adultery, or with hate for one another, and say they are “Blessed by God”. They are so confused.
Many people are walking around calling themselves Christians, and believing they are, but, live far out of the Will of the Father (Mat 7:21). They live in iniquity, which they never gave up from the time they said a little prayer, sometime ago, and tagged themselves “Christian”. God hates all sin, large or small. The watered down Gospel we receive does not depict the true God’s Holy and Just nature. Evangelists would have us believe that attempting ‘good works’ by walking in righteousness is not what God expects from us. The truth is, ‘good works’ will not alone get us to Heaven, but, is completely expected of us, by God’s commands.
I encourage you to read The Four Step Program if you are seeking knowledge regarding salvation, and what it takes. It really is very simple, but, it is acquired in steps, not just one simple act of reciting a prayer and saying we believe it. I say to you, out of love, you are only fooling yourself and gain nothing if you have not truly turned your life over to the Lord. If life went on as usual for you, and you do nothing to resist temptations, and live in sin, you were never really saved at all.
The first step in accepting God’s greatest gift of salvation, is to admit we are a sinner. Then we must repent, or turn away from that which offends God (sin). We do not become sinless Saints. We are still human, and expected to slip. We are convicted by the Holy Spirit in our hearts that we have offended God, and we immediately repent, and ask forgiveness. He is faithful to forgive us. We do not continue with the sin, until we are satisfied, knowing it is wrong, but, we will seek forgiveness afterward.
Our own President claims to be a Christian, but, supports killing God’s creations. What a horrible message to the people he leads, that you can be a Christian and choose any ridiculous thing in life regardless it offends God in the most heinous ways. These types of Christians have no idea what the Bible says, or believe it. This is what a Christian is. A follower of Jesus’ Gospel, and God’s commands. We cannot call ourselves Christian and do evil. It is mixing water with oil…it doesn’t!
The Blood of Jesus does not mix with sin, it covers it, washes it clean. The very first thing to be accomplished in order for us to be washed clean by the blood, is to repent, and stay away from sin as much as possible. If we are aware that what we are doing is wrong, God always provides a way out of temptation. We cannot use the excuse, “The devil made me do it”. We have been given intelligence to know right from wrong. We have been given the Holy Spirit, if we truly accepted Christ, and if we seek His assistance, He will assist us out of temptation, always.
God does not force us to turn away from sin, or the world. He gave us freewill, to choose for ourselves. This is what our salvation is dependant upon. Our choosing to walk in the other direction, away from the world and fleshly desires, is exactly what a Christian makes. We are also expected to read His Word, and serve Him, by speaking of His ‘goodness’ to others.
The Lord’s Word is clear, and inerrant. If we do not believe that, then we are not “Christians”. We have compromised the commands of the Gospel, to suit our desires. Hence so many religions which are supposedly based on the Holy Bible. Everyone wants to interpret God’s Word to suit their own needs and desires. It is not a smorgasbord, where we pick and choose what we like for today. Just like man’s law, or civil law, we cannot decide we don’t like the way it sounds, so we don’t have to obey it, as it was written by men.
God’s law was written by men, by the will of God, and the accounts of Jesus’ life. Man’s law was written by men, by the will of the people, mostly inspired by God’s law. We cannot choose to ignore man’s law. God’s desire for a relationship with us, is based on our faith, and depends on our exercising our freewill to choose Him. However, we must take the narrow path, that leads to the narrow gate, into His Kingdom.
Evangelists not only lie, but, take snippets out of context, to support their Warm and Fuzzy Sermons. They count on appealling to those, especially whom, refuse to get into the Word on their own. They sell books, many books, appealing to those, especially whom, refuse to repent, but, do not want to realize they are so far away from God. We cannot blame the evangelist as we are standing in Judgement.

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