The Confusion About Religion

“Thou Shalt
Not Have any
Strange Gods
Before Me”
This is the 1st
the one which
is broken and
the most.


Without adherence or respect to this, the very first command of God, we are just ‘spinning our wheels’ with the rest of our efforts. Of coarse, atheists are not concerned about this issue. I am appealing to the ‘believers’ who have been deceived. The deception of Satan has been suffused throughout the planet for ages. Today his influence has convinced even spiritual leaders that maybe there is a better way to view what God really meant by ‘this commandment or that one’.

The real misconception of this very first Commandment, again, is the product of Satan’s deception. A professed Christian is convinced they don’t have to worry about this issue; they don’t bow down to Buddha, or praise Allah. Most Christians living in the mainstream believe they only worship their (concept) of ‘God in the Bible’, they profess to believe in. However, many studies have shown most people professing to being a Christian, never pick up a Bible, even if they own one. In fact, many rank themselves a little higher in spiritual devotion, just by the simple reality they possess a Bible, like wearing a cross. How can we know who we worship if we don’t have a relationship with God? If we wear a cross, but, are not aware of its meaning, at all times, it is just a bauble.

The sad truth is: 1) most people professing to be Christian, do not worship the true Creator on a regular basis, and 2) that which one focuses most of their time, is what they are worshiping.

One definition of religion in a dictionary is any object of conscientious regard or pursuit.

For some this is money, or other worldly things which bring us temporary pleasure. Sadly, for others, this is actually an icon or another human which they have made an idol. Most established religions are stemmed from the Old Testament. The most prominent of which is Islam, created from the illegitimate son of Abram (later called Abraham, by God), Ishmael; Gen,16:15.

The Jewish Torah is basically the Old Testament; it teaches Jesus was just a prophet, and not the Son of God. Then, there are the vast number of religions which were primarily formed as an alternative to the true teachings of the Holy Bible, but, still claim Christianity as the basis of their belief. The lot of ‘believers’ which is succumbed to Satan’s deceptions the most, both objectively and subjectively, is the non-denominational ‘Bible Believing’ churches, which stray from the true integrity of the Word of God. This is because there is no distinguishable discernment in the hearts of those whom are seeking spiritual guidance, but, are not devoted to a relationship with the Father on their own time.

Satan empowers secular ideals and special interest groups as he knows the basic heart of most people is to do good things. This is true in ‘believers’ as well as atheists. The common ‘believer’ has to have a cause to display to the world they are really nice people. This also temporarily fills the void left by the lack of devotion to the God which they believe in, but, aren’t quite ready to repent for. Many Christian Pastors are empowered by Satan, as well. If they are teaching false doctrine or have been deceived, themselves, into believing “This surely must have been what God meant”, they will open the door for so many others to steer away from the integrity of the Word and seek the “warm and fuzzy” word. This usually leads to the pastor having a certain following which worship him, and not God. As the ego (or pride) of many pastors grow, they step out of God’s Grace. As the rest of the world sees this, it fuels the fire of skepticism.

The confusion, which Satan has so cleverly led the majority to adapt, is to be a Christian is just another religion. This allows us to fall victim to the lie, “You believe what you want, and I can believe what I want“, and still be convinced we are righteous in doing so. This is why Satan loves religions. It is a tool, to classify Christianity in this regard. A Christian believes in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God. From the beginning of humanity, Satan’s mission has been to draw us away from that simple fact. His whole sales pitch to Eve was, “God didn’t really mean that“. The Word of God is our ‘way of life’. Whether we choose to believe that, or not, is irrelevant. By translating it to mean what we want it to mean(through deception), changes nothing; it just means we don’t get the point. By intentionally changing the meaning, for our own personal gain, or lifestyle, is blasphemy.

Satan does not pay any attention to the ones already in his clutches; there would be no point to that. Rather, he concentrates all his power and demons to the ones attempting the hardest to be righteous. If he can knock them off coarse with temptations of the world, he has also diverted the ones they were assigned to lead to God. Anything which diverts our attention away from serving the Master, is a score for Satan. His whole desire is to destroy us. All he needs to accomplish that is his lies (or deception). He is the prince of lies. It has worked from the beginning of man, and it will continue to work, except in the hearts of those whom are firm in their faith that Jesus was the true Son of God and His Word is true.

If you don’t believe because you think God has shown you no physical proof, then why would we need faith? He has given us all the proof we need throughout history… it is up to us to remove the stubborn walls so we can accept it. Once all the world has had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and believe, Jesus will return to judge His enemies. With satellite and far reaching missions, do you understand that time draws near?

Religion, and the aspects of it, is a dangerous thing. Do not allow yourself to be led astray. The Holy Bible is not a religion. It is not meant to be tricky or serve any hidden agendas. It is written allegorically to provide us with all the proof we need to assure ourselves, and others, that it is true, and Jesus is the only true way to our salvation. Do not sacrifice your salvation based on the ignorance of man. If you earnestly get into the Word and have faith in Jesus, God will lead you. Find a Bible believing church, but, do not neglect your growth in the Word and a relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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