The Gospel: According to Oprah


This morning I saw another video of small children in Africa drinking from contaminated ponds and streams. The water is filthy and diseased ridden, but, they have no choice, it is all they have. It comes down to drinking the brown liquid on the ground, with the dead animal floating just a few feet away, and dying a slow death from disease; or the alternative, not drinking the water on the ground (the only available) and dying sooner. Most of us pay a dollar or so for the equivalent of a glass of water, rather than trust the fresh water delivered free into our homes from a shiny, attractive, and in some cases, a gold plated pipe. The ironic thing is, the bottled water we pay billions for every year, in addition to the municipal water we complain about, is in most cases the same as the tap water.

Most parents, if they saw their children about to scoop up a handful of water off the ground and bring it toward their mouth, would yell, “Stop!”, and run to them exclaiming how dirty it is. Water is THE most basic need in life. If it stopped flowing into our house, we would demand answers. When, due to drought, there was a threat it would stop flowing into homes in the southeast region of our country (Georgia) it was on the news everyday, and became a major concern until it was resolved. No One would have let the population of Georgia start dying off because they didn’t have flowing water. Neither Politics nor money would have been an issue, even if we had to truck in water from all over the country.

There has been a handful of people and organizations in Africa for sometime now, trying to make a difference, and utilizing what media is available to them to get the word out. The main word is, “There is not enough money to build the wells needed”. What?!!!

How can this be? How could money possibly be the issue involved in keeping water from anybody on the planet? Most countries have no issue with providing the most basic need of humanity to their people. If they did, a rally would be implemented to solve the problem. A drive would be initiated by so many celebrities and governments, until the issue was resolved. This issue is simple. These people need water, among other things, but, won’t have it until wells are built. I understand the general cost of a well is around $5,000 USD. Each well can provide enough water to supply a community.

People, like the Robisons, spend most of their time and effort to make a difference in this region. Most people turn away from the images they may accidentally come across on TV of the suffering children. They may think ‘it is terrible’, but, what can they do about it? That is another world, and we are not responsible for making it that way, nor can we fix all the world problems. These are all good excuses, I guess. The fact of the matter is, these people who are in dyer need of something we take for granted, are all children of God, our brothers and sisters. Further more, they did not ask for, or do anything to put themselves in, this horrible situation. Rather, the situation has been forced upon them by a few, whom are only concerned about their power and wealth.

As I watched these babies drinking from this disease infested water, a chill came over me. A thought rushed into my head (uh-oh!). Where are all these people worth BILLIONS? Why don’t we have a Billionaire Drive? Oprah Winfrey is part of that club. She could take credit for it by having her people organize it. Who cares as long as it gets done? In fact, one Billionaire could probably solve the problem and never miss the money. In fact, by their actions, they would gain so much popularity through the media coverage, it would be more of an investment. In fact, it would save millions of lives, rather than refine the education of a few hundred.

I am not picking on Oprah for being rich. I submit article A, for your consideration: Oprah spent millions (which I personally think she got ripped off) for a building in Africa, with her name on it. It was on every channel and news broadcast for weeks. We were updated on the progress by her ‘publicity people’, always keeping the media updated on the fine thing Oprah was doing. She gained even more attention for herself, and aside from selling even more books, she has a building with her name on it. It houses a limited number of girls to refine their education and help them develop a career. This will be just one of Oprah’s legacies.

According to Oprah, this is all you need to get into Heaven. She has openly denounced Jesus on national television. She has claimed in the past to be a Christian. Yes, it is true, I was not there when Oprah became a Christian, so I don’t know how it happened. But, I do know for a fact, if I spend the night in my garage, I will in no way become a car, except in my mind if I choose. Then, I will be locked up, until which time I can prove I don’t believe I am a car anymore. Oprah can foolishly claim to be whatever she wants, but, she is preaching to a huge audience a calamity, of which, will lead unsuspecting admirers down with her. She obviously has never read the Bible…The True Word of God. If she has, she obviously has picked and chosen only the items she liked, leaving the rest as ‘not falling under the category’ she desires.

The entire point of the NEW TESTAMENT was to give us sinners a way to have a relationship with the father. The Lamb (Jesus) is referenced to all throughout the Old Testament. The whole point of the first Passover was God saving His people by the blood of a pure lamb, smeared over the doorways of His people. It was only done as a symbol by God to show us He had planned from the beginning to save us by the blood of the Lamb (His Son). God couldn’t just forgive us across the board for our sins with no commitment on our part. How could we respect Him? It is hard enough to get Christians to adhere to the Word. Jesus paid for our sins, because God loved us so much and wanted to provide for us the opportunity to form a relationship with Him. But, we cannot do it without Jesus. The second Passover not only gave us the gift of our salvation, but, the gift of having Communion with our Savior.

John, 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.”

By Oprah forming her (new) belief, regardless whether she heard it from someone else or came up with it on her own, she is using her visibility to drag others down with her. We cannot pick and choose, like a smorgasbord, what we like or dislike from God’s word. What is she basing her ignorant conclusion on. All the evidence is in the Bible. Satan has managed to convince a vast majority of Christians, they can get away with discounting something in God’s Word that disagrees with their philosophy or way of life. Our own President Obama claims to be a Christian, but, has no problem with killing babies as they are delivered. He stands in support of an organization which was formed, and still stands for (which was attempted to be proven) the weeding out of black pregnancies in America. Ironic? Absolutely not. It is Satan’s lies to lead us away from the truth.

Satan has planned way ahead for all this. He is stupid, but, non-believers are more stupid. How else will it be explained, when millions of people disappear for the rapture? Some will come to their senses and realize they were wrong and there really was a rapture. Most will believe the ‘logical’ explanations of terrorist attacks or alien ships. Oprah serves a god, but, not our God.

While I don’t personally know Oprah, I don’t have to in order to know she is wrong. She may be a wonderful person, but, she is still going to hell, unless she accepts Jesus as the Son of God, and her personal Savior. God can, however, even use unsuspecting heathens to do His work. So, Oprah, if somehow this message gets to you, you may freely place your name on each and every well you have constructed for the needs of the dying people in Africa. In fact, there are so many Billionaires now, They can each claim a well to place their name on it. The cost would not be the tab for your last dinner party. Or Oprah could make it a regular 5 second spot at the end of each show (as Bob Barker did for pets) encouraging people to contribute. Regardless how it gets done, just do it. I am sure Oprah was crushed when she heard the news regarding the scandal at her school, but, regardless of what a good deed it was, clearly Satan was in control. I won’t get into who was in control of her backing of Obama.

Oprah would never consider taking every penny of her money to Las Vegas and throwing it all down on a roulette table. Nor would anybody follow her. But, she is willing to gamble on an issue in which all the evidence is stacked up against her and so many people will follow her, and lose their eternal life. It is pretty obvious, if the Antichrist is revealed in her lifetime, Oprah will support him into power. If she doesn’t believe in Jesus, I’m sure she doesn’t believe in the Antichrist. I’m sure the Antichrist will believe in Oprah. For all you fanatics, it’s not Obama, he never came close, biblically, but he will ‘set a good stage’, biblically.

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